The Benefits of Hiring a Child Support Attorney

Child Support attorney

When parents divorce or separate, child support is often one of the issues that arise. This can be a confusing and difficult area to deal with, but it is important for each parent to receive a fair share of the support payments. A child support lawyer will help you navigate the process and ensure that each parent gets what they deserve.

If a parent is delinquent on their child support, there are some legal actions that may be taken against them. These can include placing liens on their property and making it harder for them to get credit. This can also result in them losing their driver’s license or losing access to public assistance, which can have serious consequences for the family.

The Laws on Child Support

Child support in New York is based on state statutes that set guidelines for how much each parent should pay. These guidelines are a calculated system that considers the incomes of both parties, as well as how much parenting time each party spends with the children.

These guidelines are not perfect, and the amount that a judge orders can vary from case to case. However, a good child support attorney will know exactly what documentation is required and how to best present that information to the court.

They can also assist with modifying an existing order if the circumstances of the parent have changed. This can happen when a person loses their job, suffers a disabling injury, or has another reason to increase or decrease their child support payments.

If you have a child support modification case, it is important to make sure that all the necessary documents are filed in time for the hearing. These documents can include tax returns, financial statements, and paycheck stubs.

A good child support attorney will also go over your financial situation and calculate the payments that you should be receiving based on the calculations. These attorneys have the experience to guide you through all aspects of your case and will fight for the support that your child needs.

Interstate Child Support Issues

Sometimes child support cases are contested by parents who live in different states. These types of situations raise the most complex and novel legal issues in child support law.

There are some basic rules that apply in all states to these cases. They are based on the percentage of the custodial parent’s income that the other parent must pay. The courts also look at other factors like healthcare costs and the number of children that the non-custodial parent has.

The laws on child support are very complicated and can be a major challenge for people without the proper legal guidance. These cases can be extremely stressful and confusing for both parties, and they should be handled with the utmost care by an experienced attorney.

Getting the Right Type of Child Support

There is no question that child support is necessary to provide the financial means that a parent needs to care for their children. The child support guidelines that the state sets are designed to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible for all parties involved.

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